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Published Dec 16, 21
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For Lotto 6/49, 1 play is included 1 "Normal Choice" of 6 numbers from 1 to 49, and 1 "Guaranteed Prize Draw Choice", standing for a computer-generated 10-digit number. There are 2 attracts each week, i. e. on Wednesday and Saturday, as well as millions of bucks to be won each draw.

When the reward is not won for a provided draw, it is added to the prize for the next draw. Also, various other rewards can be won in 6 other classifications: 5/6 + Benefit, 5/6, 4/6, 3/6, 2/6 + Benefit as well as 2/6. To win, you need to get, in a solitary choice, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers identical to those of the winning option.

To win in these categories, a single selection has to contain specifically, along with the reward number, 2 or 5 numbers identical to those of the winning option. Each Key Draw is conducted as complies with: the ILC carries out a draw to establish randomly 7 numbers among all numbers from 1 to 49.

Guaranteed Prize Draw Option For Each And Every Normal Option, you get 1 computer-generated Guaranteed Prize Draw Option. Each Surefire Reward Attract Selection provided is one-of-a-kind as well as represents a number composed of 10 figures (XXXXXXXX-XX). For the Guaranteed Reward Attract Selections, a segmented group of numbers is designated to each of the 5 Canadian lottery firms.

As an example, when a lotto game ticket is composed of several plays, the very first 8 figures of your selections remain the same as well as the last 2 figures vary from 01 to the variety of plays purchased (67890123-, 67890123-, 67890123-, etc). When a lotto game ticket is composed of 3 Lottery 6/49 plays or more, your Guaranteed Prize Attract Choices are shown as a variety.

Your Guaranteed Reward Attract Selections will be suggested as follows: FROM: 67890123-TO: 67890123- In the Surefire Prize Attract, one Surefire Reward Draw Selection is drawn from amongst all those who have been issued for that draw. This winning choice enables a participant to win a Surefire $1,000,000 Reward. A winning choice is one whose number is similar to the among the Surefire Reward Attract Option drawn.

To ensure there is only one winning option of the Surefire $1,000,000 Reward, every selection has to be distinct. That is why it is not possible to choose the varieties of these choices as well as all Ensured Reward Attract Choices are computer-generated. Each 10-digit number is consequently a distinct choice as well as the chances of winning the Surefire $1,000,000 Prize are the very same as for any kind of various other option that was released for the draw.

Canada's Favourite Lotto Video game! Jackpots begin at $5 million! Assured $1 million reward to be won each and every draw attracted just from tickets issued! For simply $3, you get one six-number option and one distinct 10-digit Guaranteed Reward Draw selection. Win a Free Play for matching 2 primary winning numbers! Include Wednesday or Saturday's EXTRA for an opportunity to win the $250,000 top reward or the $100,000 second prize! Playing LOTTO 6/49 by Quick Pick or Choice Slide You can play LOTTO 6/49 by Quick Select where the Ticket Terminal will randomly select your choice(s), or choose your own numbers using a Selection Slip.

Describe the Play Both box below for additional information. Ask for a LOTTO 6/49 Quick Pick or pick six numbers from a field of 1 to 49 on the slip. For every $3 LOTTERY 6/49 play, you will certainly also receive a Guaranteed Reward Draw selection. You can play up to six LOTTO 6/49 selections on one ticket.

Inform the seller exactly how lots of draws or mark the number on the slip. For a number not shown, leave it blank, as well as the store can enter any type of number from 1-25.

Assured $1 Million Reward Draw, Every Wednesday and Saturday, after the main winning numbers are attracted for the LOTTO 6/49 Jackpot as well as subsidiary rewards, one Guaranteed Reward Attract choice will be attracted at random from all the Guaranteed Reward Attract choices provided for a prize of $1 million (exact match only).

The same eight-digit sequence will not appear on any various other ticket for the same draw. If the ticket includes multiple LOTTO 6/49 choices, the player receives several Guaranteed Reward Attract choices - the very first eight figures are the same for all entries; the two-digit number adhering to the hyphen starts at 01, and boosts by one for each extra selection on the ticket.

Given That each Ensured Prize Draw option is distinct, it will certainly not be possible for two tickets to share the same number. There are no subsidiary rewards on the Surefire $1 Million Prize Attract numbers. Much More Ways to Play, Discover about the ease of Lottery Loads or play your preferred numbers in mixes with Combo Play!.?.!! In Manitoba, tickets can be acquired online at Concerning the Draws, LOTTERY 6/49 draws are held every Wednesday and also Saturday.

Odds of Winning, To win a reward, numbers matched must show up in the very same selection (line). Prize 6 of 6 Win or share Prize (79. 5% of the Pools Fund *) 1: 13,983,816 5 of 6 + Bonus Share of 6% of the Pools Fund * 1: 2,330,636 5 of 6 Share of 5% of the Pools Fund * 1: 55,492 4 of 6 Share of 9.

2 2 of 6 Free Play * 1: 8. * The dealt with prizes of Free Plays for 2 of 6 primary numbers, $5 for 2 of 6 primary numbers plus the Bonus and $10 for 3 of 6 main numbers are payable from the Key Reward Fund.

The Guaranteed Reward Draw Fund is 7% of sales. Chances of winning any kind of reward are 1 in 6. 6. All odds are approximate. LOTTERY 6/49 Free Plays, A Free Play ticket consists of one six-number Quick Choose option and also one Guaranteed Reward Attract selection. You can add one bonus number for an added $1.

See the graph below. Ticket 1 Ticket 3 1 1 choice for 1 draw 2 1 option for 1 draw 1 selection for 1 draw 3 1 option for 1 draw 1 selection for 1 draw 1 option for 1 draw 4 1 choice for 2 attracts 1 choice for 1 draw 1 selection for 1 draw 5 1 choice for 2 draws 1 choice for 2 draws 1 choice for 1 draw 6 1 selection for 2 draws 1 option for 2 draws 1 selection for 2 attracts 7 1 option for 3 attracts 1 selection for 2 draws 1 choice for 2 attracts 8 1 option for 3 draws 1 option for 3 attracts 1 choice for 2 draws And more ... For more LOTTO 6/49 Frequently asked questions click below.

Each play sets you back $3 and consists of one collection of numbers from 1 to 49 for the Key Jackpot Attract as well as a second, 10-digit set of numbers for the $1-million GUARANTEED REWARD DRAW. Key pot begins at $5 million and also will certainly grow till won, with a guaranteed $1-MILLION PRIZE. Draws are held every Wednesday and also Saturday.

m. (Eastern Time) on draw nights.

As of January first, 2020, no much longer offers web browser support for IE 11. If you pick to utilize IE 11 we can not assure you will be able to login or make use of the site. We recommend you switch to the most recent variation of either Edge, Firefox or Chrome.

Lotto 649 tickets are not available for on the internet acquisition with at this time, yet genuine United state Powerball tickets are at play. Lotto 649 jackpots start at $5,000,000 and enhance on a moving basis until there is a champion or several winners.

com app or here on the Canada Lottery 649 Outcomes web page adhering to each drawing.

Updated 8/19/21 Concerning Canada Lottery National 49 Game Canada's National Lottery 6/49 has a number area that has not been tampered with because the game began June 12, 1982. With hundreds of drawings, the Long Term Fad Charts have distinct patterns. With all this historical data readily available, it makes good sense to research the patterns in Gail Howard's Benefit Gold software application as well as choose numbers that have the best chance of winning.

Each play costs $3 and includes one collection of numbers from 1 to 49 for the Key Pot Draw and also a 10-digit collection of numbers for the $1-million ensured reward draw. Illustrations are held two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday. The odds of winning the initial reward reward are.

6 of winning any kind of reward!

Lottery Approaches to Aid You Win Canada National Lotto 6/49 Lotto game numbers are randomly attracted. Arbitrarily attracted numbers develop patterns that can be tracked and used to our advantage.

If you play a lotto ticket pattern that takes place just 5 percent of the time, you can expect that pattern to lose 95 percent of the time, offering you no chance to win 95 percent of the moment. So, don't throw the likelihoods. How to WIN Canada National Lotto 6/49 ODD-EVEN LOTTERY NUMBER TIPS When you select your lotto numbers, try to have a fairly also blend of weird as well as also numbers.

The most effective mix is to have 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3, which means two weird and also four even, or four weird and 2 even, or three strange as well as 3 also. One of these 3 patterns will occur in 80 percent of the illustrations. HIGH-LOW LOTTO NUMBER TIPS Winning numbers are generally spread out across the whole number area.

In a 49-number video game, numbers 1 to 25 would certainly be in the low half, and also numbers 26 to 49 would be in the high fifty percent. The best mix is to have 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3, which indicates 2 high and also four reduced, or 4 high and two low, or 3 high as well as 3 reduced.

LOTTO GAME NUMBER TEAM Approaches Look at a list of past winning numbers for Canada National Lotto, as well as you'll see, generally, that one or even more of the number groups is not represented. In the combination 5-14-17-32-38-49, there are no 20's. Tracking and also examining Number Teams can aid you choose which team to omit and also which group to give additional hefty play.

Note the number of times each skip occurred. If any type of skip from 0 to 5 did not occur, play the Lottery numbers that are out that many video games.

(Number 45 in New York Lotto sat out 100 illustrations prior to it lastly hit.) When a number has actually been out for 70 games or so, it may be worth chasing. Lotto Pools as well as Lotto Syndicates Swimming Pool YOUR METHOD TO LOTTO Treasures Several of the 109 Lottery jackpots won with Smart Good luck lottery systems were won by teams of people who merged their money.

By having fun with a team, you can manage to acquire more lotto game ticketsand play larger wheeling systemsthan you can (or must) by yourself. Formulate an arrangement as well as have the participants of your swimming pool indication it. How to Get Fortunate in Lottery Money IN ON THE GOOD LUCK OF OTHERS When you form a Lotto pool, your group is also merging its accumulated luck.

Share your good luck with champions, not losers. Avoid negative people. You want to improve your own luck, not weaken its toughness.

PROFIT A POSITIVE mindset No person need to play gambling games out of despair due to the fact that they require the winnings. The clingy have a better fear of losing the hard-earned cash they wager with. It is simply among life's cheats that the very anxiety of losing blocks the winning pressures.

Fear brings in exactly that which one anxieties. A strong desire for an objective that is billed with positive energy, brings in a positive response, especially when every initiative is made to acquire that objective. Purchase Assured Lottery Prizes with Tires After you choose the most effective numbers with number approaches, you can enhance your chances of winning bigger rewards by using lotto wheeling systems.

You get a minimal win guarantee with every wheel!

But to get one of the most take advantage of for your money, the maximum variety of numbers to wheel is not even more than four or 5 numbers over HALF the numbers in your video game. Or else, you'll be investing even more cash chasing after a SMALLER assured prize. You benefit a lot more by wheeling a thoroughly selected team of lotto numbers.

There are clever methods to wheel all the numbers in the game by using Trap-by-Overlap as well as various other wheeling approaches covered on web pages 137 to 142 in the Lottery Game Master Guide. Most of Smart Good luck's lottery game winners utilized a Well balanced Wheel in addition to her Smart Luck number choice methods.

And when you win a reward with Smart Luck lottery systems, inform us concerning it so you can be contributed to Gail Howard's expanding checklist of winners. If you don't desire your name publicized, we will honor that. Save Money by Understanding Lottery Numbers to Prevent Lottery players who pick their lottery game numbers without thought or foolishly are predestined to shed also before the drawing takes place.

STAY CLEAR OF NUMBER MIXES THAT HAVE BEEN DRAWN BEFORE Many gamers like to wager the numbers that have won another person a large reward, and also by doing so, they are nearly guaranteed NOT to win one themselves. In Canada National Lotto 6/49 with two illustrations a week, a collection of 6 numbers plus the perk number has a possibility of being attracted when every 134,459 years.

Smart Luck has all the drawing results for greater than 180 state and worldwide lotto game games, returning much more than fifty years! Even five successive numbers is a very unusual occurrence that, in a lot of Lottery games, has actually never ever happened when. STAY CLEAR OF BETTING ONE LOTTERY NUMBER team Never select all six numbers from one number group, such as all single digits, or all teens, or all 20's, etc.

PREVENT THE LOTTO COMBINATION 1-2-3-4-5-6 The most prominent collection of numbers usually played is: 1-2-3-4-5-6. Countless tickets are acquired with this mix every illustration. The selection is also far out of balance ahead up in a random drawing. AVOID PATTERN BETTING Pattern wagering is a much more popular approach of noting bet slips.

Other layouts such as patterns of initials or numbers or crosses also obtain hefty play. AVOID NUMBER MULTIPLES Various other popular combinations that get heavy play are the number multiples, especially 5-10-15-20-25-30 as well as 7-14-21-28-35-42. AVOID ALL SAME LAST DIGITS Many individuals like to play same last figures, such as 3-13-23-33-43, or all numbers that finish in seven, or a few other favorite lucky lotto number.

Winning collections of numbers with three last digits the very same take place in less than 3 percent of all illustrations. Winning collections of numbers with no more than one repeated last digit represent virtually 90 percent of all drawings. PREVENT LOW NUMBER COMBINATIONS The bulk of Lottery gamers like to play the schedule numbers, such as birth days and also anniversariesand their children's ages.

Canada's National Lottery has 49 numbers. If you play only the calendar numbers, you could be sharing your jackpot with loads of other winners. It's not to say that you should not play your individual numbers if you really feel these fortunate numbers are great to play. Yet we recommend that you consist of a number of high numbers to make sure that simply in instance your numbers do strike, you win a reward that deserves something.

When you review posts about reward champions, it looks like though they all used either Quick Selects, birth days, or their kids's ages. The large majority of individuals do play this way. If most of tickets marketed fast Picks, then it makes good sense that most of jackpots won need to be won with Quick Picks.

In Lottery, the Pattern is Your Close friend The shortest, simplest method to search for Lotto numbers that have the biggest chance of winning is to track the patterns. Smart Luck techniques show you how to comprehend as well as make use of historical data.

Good Luck with Smart Good Luck.

Breadcrumb Path Links An Ontario ticketholder won the huge $7. 5 million prize, however somebody in B.C. has won the assured $1 million prize. Writer of the write-up: Publishing date: Nov 21, 2021 1 day ago < 1 minute checked out Lotto 649 tickets. Picture by Dave Abel/ Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network Post material TORONTO A ticket holder in Ontario won Saturday's $7.

The winning numbers in Saturday's Lotto 6-49 draw for an estimated $7. The winning number for the guaranteed $1 million prize: 00125792-01 In the occasion of any kind of discrepancy between this checklist and the official winning numbers, the latter will prevail.

TORONTO No winning ticket was sold for the $8 million prize in Saturday's Lottery 649 draw. TORONTO No winning ticket was sold for the $8 million reward in Saturday's Lotto 649 draw.

The reward for the next Lottery 649 draw on Nov. 3 will be an estimated $10 million. The Canadian Press.

We're sorry to inform you that we do not run in your place .... Perhaps it's time to check back with us quickly!

Discover out the most recent Lotto 6/49 results and also winning numbers. All the information concerning winning numbers, pots, prizes quantities are offered on this internet site.

6! Lotto 6/49 is one of 3 of Canada's national lottery video games. It was presented to gamers in 1982. Lotto 6/49 was the initial across the country Canadian lottery video game to allow players to pick their own numbers. Lottery 6/49 obtained the name generally since of the regulations - 6 numbers are attracted from a pool of 49.

* The fixed prizes of Free Plays for 2 of 6 major numbers, $5 for 2 of 6 major numbers plus the Incentive as well as $10 for 3 of 6 primary numbers are payable from the Main Reward Fund.

Each play costs $3 and also includes one collection of numbers from 1 to 49 for the Key Prize Attract and also a 10-digit set of numbers for the $1-million assured reward draw. Just How to WIN Canada National Lottery 6/49 ODD-EVEN LOTTO NUMBER TIPS When you choose your lotto numbers, attempt to have a reasonably even mix of odd and even numbers.

To obtain the most leverage for your money, the optimal number of numbers to wheel is not even more than 4 or 5 numbers over HALF the numbers in your game. AVOID BETTING ONE LOTTERY NUMBER GROUP Never choose all 6 numbers from one number team, such as all solitary figures, or all teens, or all 20's, and so on.

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